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The new generation of Keytec digital color matching software--provides fast and flexible color matching solutions
A new generation of Keytec digital color matching software.Provide fast and flexible color matching solutions.
Extraordinary Good News |Keytec successfully obtained the safety production license
After a year of trial production, Keytec passed the acceptance of Qingyuan Safety Supervision Bureau and successfully obtained a safety production license.
Yingde Keytec Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. officially opened
On December 1, 2016, Yingde Kedi Pigment Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd., which was highly concerned by the leaders of Yingde City, officially opened. Leaders of Yingde City,Pan Bin, Deputy Mayor of Yingde Municipal Government, Xu Jianpei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Work Safety Supervision Bureau, Liu Yunlin, Deputy Director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau,, Director Wu of the Management Committee, and Huang Kai of the Paint Association attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony and made important speeches. Although the Keytec factory has an area of less than 20 mu, it is a highly automated enterprise.It is currently one of the few companies in the domestic pigment paste industry that has obtained production qualifications for oily pigment pastes and water-based pigment pastes. 20,000 tons. Cody will live up to the trust of city leaders and customers,never forget the original intention, and embark on a journey. The opening of the Keytec factory will enable Keytec to enter the fast lane of rapid development and will be an epoch-making milestone in keytec development! We have the ability and confidence to make keytec grow into a world-class pigment paste production enterprise! Recalling the glory of the eventful bygone years,looking at today, heavy responsibilities to be shouldered, looking forward to tomorrow, a glorious future! All Keytec members are determined to unite and work hard, be brave in innovation, and create a better future under the correct leadership of President Lu!      
Keytec's 16th Anniversary and Yingde New Plant Commencement Celebration Appreciation Dinner 
On the evening of November 30, Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held the "New Keytec, New Dream, New Journey" theme in a hotel in Panyu Sihai. 
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