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Exhibition review--Keytec new material attened the 2018 ChinaCoat Exhibition

Exhibition review--Keytec new material attened the 2018 ChinaCoat Exhibition

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On December 4th-6th, 2018
The 3-day 2018Chinacoat ended successfully
Many customers attend in Paint exhibition 
There is a booth called Keyteccolors 





Exhibition Review





There are 6 new products exhibited at this exhibition,solvent-based colorants-UV series, solvent-free epoxy colorants- EH series,solvent-based acrylic nano transparent colorants-UFT series,solvent-based CAB system colorants-UCT series,water-based transparent colorants-TSI series, water-based colorants for industrial paints-SI series,to meet the needs of customers in different industries.






In addition, after two years of development, Keytec's digital color matching system V4.0 has officially officially released at this exhibition.This software adopts a brand-new architecture and design style, and can be operated online on the computer and mobile phones without installation.After internal testing, the software contains more comprehensive functions,We hope it can further meet everyone's needs, simplify the operation, and make the color correction easier and smarter.




The software's highlight
1. Adopting big data: the cloud system can satisfy the use of multiple paint brands
2. Convenient operation:mobile phone,computer can be used after networking
3. Search intelligence: multi-condition quickly select the formula
4. Color selection by taking photos: upload photos to find similar color reference formulas
5. DIY color matching:the computer version provides DIY color matching, and the color formula can be found quickly






Visit Factory
Thanks for you coming
To visit Keytec,and learn more about Keytec.




The exhibition end
But Wonderful are continues





Year 2018 is going to end
We are ready for 2019
Keytec will think highly of products quality
Keep the innitcial and step forward
More colorful with Keyteccolors





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