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2017 Water bone Industrial Coatings Technology Seminar—Tianjin

2017 Water bone Industrial Coatings Technology Seminar—Tianjin

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After the Guangzhou Waterborne Industrial Coatings Technology Seminar 
We held it once again in the second stop-Tianjin 
If you miss the great god-level person last time
Then this time you can come and join us~



Today, Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd. united with Jili Waterborne New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Corechem New Material Technology Co., Ltd., BIUGED Laboratory Instruments(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd., Yueyang Kaimen Waterborne Auxiliary Co., Ltd. Guangdong Puhler Intelligent Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.and six Six coating upstream raw material and equipment manufacturers held a waterborne industrial coating technology seminar at Crowne Plaza Tianjin Meijiang.




This seminar invited nearly 100 paint manufacturers in the region, such as Tianjin Ruibao, Zhengzhou Twin Towers,Tianjin Yubei, Beijing Red Lion, Tianjin PPG, Tianjin Lighthouse, Shijiazhuang Goldfish Paint and other well-known enterprise.

Lu Ming, Chairman of Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd., delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the organizer.




The organizer conducted an in-depth analysis of the industrial status and technical difficulties of domestic waterborne industrial coating with the concept of "pure dry goods, heavy practice, precise scope, and shared sharing".

Mr. Wang Yinjian, Chairman and Chief Engineer of Zhuhai Jili Chemical
Share a lecture on “Analyse of New Technology of Waterborne Resin and It’s Value in Coating Application"
Mr. Wang Xinchao, Technical Director of Shanghai Corechem New Materials
Share a lecture on "Selection of additives in water-based industrial coating formulations"
Mr. Liu Min, Technical Director of Guangdong Kodi New Materials
Share a lecture on "Application of Color Paste in Waterborne Industrial Paints"
Mr. Tang Xiaohua, Technical Director of Yueyang Kaimen Waterborne Auxiliaries
Share a lecture on "Application of substrate wetting and leveling agent in the formulation of water-based industrial coatings"
Mr. Lei Limeng, Chairman of Guangdong Paile Intelligent
Share a lecture on "How Intelligent Intelligent Manufacturing Freezes the Future Waterborne Nano-Grinding Technology"
Mr. Wang Chongwu, Technical Director of Guangzhou BUIGED Experimental Instrument
Share a lecture on "Evaluation of Outdoor Durability of Industrial Coatings"





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