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Color Guidance | Among All Trending Colors, Which One Is the Best?
No matter how durable the wall finishing is, it's still getting "old" anyway, but it actually provides a chance to express your innermost personality. Time to refresh your wall!!
Keytec assists the Provincial coating association to organized public welfare training for enterprises
On October 19th,our company assisted the first phase of "Coating Industry Skills Advanced Training Class (Paint Colorist)" organized by Guangdong Coating Industry Association and Shunde Vocational and Technical College.   The training course on October 19-20 will be taught by our technical director Liu Min, technical service supervisor Wang Jinhui,and technical service deputy director Wang Sipeng.The main content includes the chemical structure of pigments and the performance of color pastes and common problems, basic knowledge of colors, The application of paint color mixing technology and color measurement and matching software in color mixing.     At the scene,Lv Shuilie,Secretary General of Guangdong Coatings Industry Association, and Chen Yanwu,Dean of Light Chemical and Materials College of Shunde Vocational and Technical College,awarded our company the honorary certificate of "Industry Public Welfare Active Unit".     Cody colors, we are better together -THE END-  
Keytec won the honor of "influential brand of paint and filler in China"
On November 13, the 2017 China Coatings Industry Summit of "Catalytic Force · Seiko Empowerment" and HC "Hua Cai Award" China Paint Raw Material Influence Brand Award Ceremony was held at Shanghai Greenland Holiday Hotel.     With the theme of "Catalytic Force·Seiko Empowerment", focusing on the two hot topics of "clench your fists or open your hands" and "the price of raw materials raising, why don't you dare to increase the price of paint?", analyse paint manufacturers in the current market how to ensure the stable development in the face of severe competition.In the face of frequent price increases of raw materials, a price linkage mechanism has been established to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the coatings industry.     In this meeting Keytec won the honor of "influential brand of Chinese paint and filler"     Keyteccolors has always done every drop of color paste with the spirit of craftsman, committed to providing customers with integrated solutions for color paste application, and has been recognized by industry customers with stable product quality and excellent cost performance been making every drop of color paste in the spirit of craftsman, committed to providing customers with integrated solutions for pigment paste application, and has been recognized by industry customers for its stable product quality and excellent cost performance. As a leader in the color paste industry, Keytec will continue to develop with great concentration, steadfastly make pigment pastes, and make its own contribution to the continuous development of the national pigment paste industry!     We are a company with ideals and feelings We are a company with a clear vision, mission and values We always focus on making pigment paste And it's a lifetime thing, Let’s work together Reminder Today,Shanghai Coating show has already started Welcome to visit us.    
2017 Water bone Industrial Coatings Technology Seminar—Tianjin
Today, Guangdong Keytec New Material Technology Co., Ltd. united with Jili Waterborne New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Corechem New Material Technology Co., Ltd., BIUGED Laboratory Instruments(Guangzhou)Co.,Ltd., Yueyang Kaimen Waterborne Auxiliary Co., Ltd. Guangdong Puhler Intelligent Nanotechnology Co., Ltd.and six Six coating upstream raw material and equipment manufacturers held a waterborne industrial coating technology seminar at Crowne Plaza Tianjin Meijiang.
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