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Keytec attened the summit of coating industry association of Guangdong province

Keytec attened the summit of coating industry association of Guangdong province

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Sponsored by Guangdong Coating Industry Association,Keytec Color was invited to attend the 2021 Guangdong Paint industry Distributor Innovation and Development Summit. Enable traditional paint dealers store color matching automation, guangdong paint dealers to provide high-quality products and systematic services, for the traditional distribution color matching model into new vitality.

Keytec technical service department manager delivered the speech "One-stop intelligent color enabling paint Terminal store", combined with the current terminal color consumer market trend, divided into "color to create value", "store intelligent color import", "application scenario scheme" three parts of progressive interpretation; Based on the current situation of color-guided terminal coating consumption, this paper analyzes the problems faced by current consumers in interior color realization, and introduces a one-stop intelligent color mixing solution developed by Keytec Color for this market pain point.

The customers at the scene showed great interest in our intelligent color matching system and convenient color measuring instrument. After the meeting, many customers went to our booth for communication.

Keytec--be the preferred brand of customers. In the future, Keytec color will be committed to product quality and service experience of the double improvement, help guangdong coating industry construction and development,  provide more complete intelligent solutions to POS coloring!

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