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Keytec water-based toning machine color pastes TB series

Keytec water-based toning machine color pastes TB series

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Keytec water-based toning machine color pastes TB series

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This series products are of high performance, such as good stability, high pigment content, good moisturizing for dry condition. The colorants have stable specific gravity that can be measured in terms of volume, They are widely used for factory online tinting or the tinting machines in retail stores and can be equally replace many common online tinting colorants in the markets. Our products have excellent cost performance,which can greatly reduce the tinting cost and improve tinting service for coatings.

Color Expert All-round Personalized Tinting System

-Tinting with water-base colorants for any coatings;

-Suitable for any mainstream tinting machine model on the market; not restricted model;

-Flexible and diverse color card choices;

-Comprehensive matching formula database software;

-Accurate and reliable color formulas;

-Stable and reliable weather fastness;

-Lower colorant tinting cost;

-A large number of successful application projects;

-We will offer you the most comprehensive tinting service by collecting hot-selling tinting formulas of all large coating manufacturers.

Comprehensive Colorants Products Support


More Flexible Choice for Tinting Machine Model

Compatible with all kinds of tinting machines; More conventional application; More diversified choices.

Suitable for all kinds of models with different precisions, such as :1/48Y, 1/192Y, 1/384Y, unit of milliliter, unit of weight(g), etc.


Strong Support For Formula Database Software

Accurate tinting formula; Simple operation; Formula printing function and tinting-randomly system; Let tinting be more freely, more easily, more conveniently.


Color card

We have various popular architectural color cards, which can offer you  accurate formulas for the coatings from the large coating manufacturers

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