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Keyteccolors waterborne industrial paint colorants SI/TSI series

Keyteccolors waterborne industrial paint colorants SI/TSI series

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Keyteccolors waterborne industrial paint colorants SI/TSI series

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Product Description

SI solid color series of water-based industrial paint color pastes are made of environmentally friendly organic pigments, inorganic pigments, transparent iron oxide, etc. as the main colorants, based on different non-ionic/anionic wetting and dispersing, and processed by dispersion and ultra-fine processes.
TSI nano-level transparent series of color pastes have the characteristics of high chroma, high transparency, ultra-fine particle size, wide versatility, good compatibility with pearlescent pigments and aluminum pigments in metallic paints, and can meet the needs of high chroma and stability of water-based industrial coatings
SI/TSI series colorants are mainly used for the coloring of acrylic, polyurethane and other industrial paint systems.
Product features
·No heavy metals, good compatibility, no APEO.
·Suitable viscosity ,easy to disperse, excellent stabilitly
·Applied to acrylic acid and polyurethane decorative paint
·High pigment concentration, strong tinting strength, ultra-fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution
·Excellent chemical stabilitly, migration resistance
·High transparency
This series are mainly used for various water-based emulsion paints,aqueous wood stains, water-color paints,latex products,etc. Also they can be applied to water-based ink, paper coloring as well as water-borne acrylic and polyester/fiberglass coloring fields. 
Packaging and Storage
The standard packaging of this series of products is 5KG,10KG,20KG,30KG (inorganic series 10KG,20KG,30KG,50KG), all color pastes must be stored above zero degrees Celsius, and the shelf life is 18 months.
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