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Keytec water-based tinting machine color paste T series

Keytec water-based tinting machine color paste T series

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Keytec water-based tinting machine color paste T series

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Color Expert All-round Personalized Tinting System

-Tinting with water-based & solvent-based colorants for any coatings;

-Suitable for any mainstream tinting machine model on the market; not restricted model;

-Flexible and diverse color card choices;

-Comprehensive matching formula database software;

-Accurate and reliable color formulas;

-Stable and reliable weather fastness;

-Lower colorant tinting cost;

-A large number of successful application projects;

-We will offer you the most comprehensive tinting service by collecting hot-selling tinting formulas of all large coating manufacturers.

Comprehensive Colorants Products Support

Keytec Colors has two sets of colorants for tinting machines T/V series, which is applicable for water-based latex paints, solvent-based coatings and furniture paints and can be used for the tinting ofmost water/solvent-based coatings. T series has 16 water-based colorants varieties for customer to choose according to their tinting machine model, while V series has 12 solvent-based colorants varieties. V series is suitable for all kinds of solvent-based furniture paints, industrial paints and out-door used solvent- based architectural coating,


More Flexible Choice for Tinting Machine Model

Compatible with all kinds of tinting machines; More conventional application; More diversified choices.

Suitable for all kinds of models with different precisions, such as :1/48Y, 1/192Y, 1/384Y, unit of milliliter, unit of weight(g), etc.


Strong Support For Formula Database Software

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